Death is part of the human condition, and one of the events we share across cultures and borders.

How much are any given culture's values, hopes and dreams reflected in their thoughts about death and life after death.

What happens in the moment of death, and what happens afterwards.

In some places death is a taboo, in other places death and the deceased is a natural part of the life of the living.

Discover some of the world's death rituals


Last year I went back to Indonesia with producer and VJ Bjarke Ahlstrand to record some video on the amazing rituals they practice in Tana Toraja. Have a look at our little teaser here:



Klaus Bo is a freelance photojournalist based in Copenhagen, Denmark. With a long and highly awarded career in documenting the issues of our time, he has worked for a range of clients, including media organizations and non profit organizations.

In 2010, Klaus began his life's work: the Dead and Alive Project, examining how we think about, and relate to death around the world.

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