With a great effort from my brother Thomas Bo Christensen, the Dead And Alive Blog is now taking its form. At the moment best viewed on portable devices. The Dead And Alive Project is first of all a photographic based project about death rituals around the world. After having photographed death rituals in Haiti, Greenland, Romania (research with Mette Niebuhr), India, Ghana and Nepal the project has now taken me to Madagascar. Yula S. Dalberg was working with me in Nepal on the project, and she is now here in Madagascar doing video and social media.

In some places – like Denmark – death is taboo, in other places death and the deceased are natural parts of the life of the living. The background for this project is the desire to show how death rituals often reflect life. With its selection of different death and burial rituals, visitors to the final exhibition will gain insight into how much any given culture’s values, hopes and dreams are reflected in their thoughts about death and life after death, and how differently we treat our dead from culture to culture.

You now have the opportunity to follow this journey of how these pictures and videos are made. Stay tuned!

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The Dead And Alive Blog – Up And Running

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